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2018 Season is on hold, DTRO_Mopar does not have the funding available this yr to have a payout, unless DTRO_Slick has the funding for a payout or we do a for fun season. All licenses accepted.

TeamDTRO Dirt Track Racing Online.
Created in 1995 by DTRO_Slick starting simulation racing with ratbag productions.

In late 2008 or early 2009 we made the move to rFactor with the DirtFactor Latemodels.

NOW here we are on the latest and greatest in online sim racing technology!

We have now became not only a team but a family of DTRO members!!!!!

Season Payout:

1. Must have working Mic. You will need TeamSpeak and/or Discord if you would like a chance to be interviewed when broadcasting! https://discord.gg/cKFfAu2
TeamHAR's TS: hargaming.teamspeak3.com PW: 1234

2. Intentional wrecking will not be tolerated.

3. Drivers must have some sense of maturity, car control, and avoid reckless behaviors.

4. If you cause an accident on the pace lap you can be parked.

5. If you cause a caution and an admin doesn't see it, please speak up so you can be sent to the rear.

6. Respect all drivers. No on-track confrontations PERIOD.

7. Allow give and take, you can't win on the first lap.

8. Remember, we are all learning. Be Patient.

9. STARTS/RESTARTS: Can fire between Turns 3 & 4. RACE IS NOT GREEN TIL THE GREEN FLAG FLIES! Pay attention to the flagman and lights(at most tracks)! Penalty for jumped starts/restarts will be EOL at the next caution OR the amount of spots jumped plus 1 at the end of the race

10. Have fun! As competitive as we are, at the end of the day, it's all in good fun.

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It costs to host races and would like to be able to have a payout for our points at the end of the season.